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Purple BrushBlog Why Choose AWS Over GoDaddy?
why aws over godaddy

Why Choose AWS Over GoDaddy?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and GoDaddy are both key players in the website hosting industry. Comparing them is like comparing a private jet to a commercial taxi. While both of them will help you to get around, one offers much greater personalised services with a promising future potential, while the other is simple and much more approachable.

GoDaddy is an affordable option which is simple in built and easy to handle, so it is a good choice for beginners. On the other hand, AWS has been specially designed for more professional developers and advanced users who have specific needs and cater to a substantial clientele.

While comparing between the two, both are good service providers in their respective areas, and it all boils down to the quality of service that they have to offer. In this regard, AWS significantly outperforms GoDaddy in more ways than one, and we are going to analyse that fact based on certain parameters.

1. Pricing

GoDaddy has a fixed monthly billing policy, which may be as low as $1 per month. On the other hand, AWS has a plethora of billing options that can be fixed or by the minute, which offers a lot of flexibility for professionals and developers with varying needs. And those billing options are quite competitive.

2. Features

GoDaddy is a simple and straightforward platform which is best suited for people who have smaller and less complicated websites. It has a limited number of choices which are sufficient for the smaller players and newbies.
In comparison, people new to AWS can easily get overwhelmed by the sheer range of cloud computing and website hosting solutions it has to offer. The features are carefully divided into more than a dozen categories for the convenience of users. This large suite of specialised services including load balancing, CDNs, object or block storage, key-value distributed databases, serverless (Lambda) etc. takes it far ahead in the race.

3. Uptime

As compared to GoDaddy’s 99.94%, AWS boasts of the ability to offer up to 100% of uptime. While both figures might appear to be almost the same, this much margin of error can prove to be too costly if you have an important and well-established website which you cannot afford to crash at any time. If you are very strict about the need for reliability, AWS is the way to go.

4. Customer Service

AWS is a highly reputable brand in the industry, and is known for it’s best-in-class customer service. Even though it needs programming skills, it’s customer service executives are always more than happy to assist you with even minute issues that you may be having. They are always ready to go a step beyond their company’s rules, regulations and policies in order to help you. They put efforts and do whatever it takes to ensure client satisfaction. This level of support is often hard to find with other service providers

To sum up, if you have the programming skills of a good developer, you should definitely opt out for a cloud-based website hosting service provider like AWS. They have limitless possibilities, and have and will continue to out-innovate most of the others in the market. GoDaddy should only be chosen by people who just want their websites up and running with minimal efforts from their side.


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