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Branding is a way of identifying your business. It is how your customers recognise and experience your business.
What do you want your brand to say about you and your business?
Perhaps you are looking for a corporate, sleek image for your law firm or you want a daring and adventurous vibe for your expedition and travel company. Whatever industry you are in, everything from your choice of color to elegant symmetry, and font use to quality design will determine the type of clients who call you up, sign up to your contact form or walk through your door. Your brand says absolutely everything about what your business does and is the very first thing that potential customers will judge you by: they want you to deliver a service or product that matches the idea, image and vision that you are showing to them.

Purple Brush Digital Solutions have competitively priced branding options for any type of business. We can design branding for packaging, promotional items for consumers, business to business merchandise (maybe you’d like to use these as giveaways for trade shows), interactive gifts for children… the list of potential branding ideas is endless and only limited by your mind. If you are looking for branding design for work apparel and clothing and you are a local business in Woodstock, Ontario, then we would love to work with you.

The beauty about branding is that you can make an immediate and direct impact. Let us know what you want and where you see your product being used and we’ll work to make your branding amazing!
Here are a few ideas that you may be considering having branding design for or perhaps haven’t thought of yet:
  • Branding for Consumables
    You might want to think about sharing promotional candy or snacks for events, expos and trade shows or even sending these out to current or past customers.
  • Introducing Your Re-Brand
    if you are thinking of a complete re-brand, then sending marketing materials such as Christmas cards for current customers or sending postcards that highlight work anniversaries can make an occasion of your new look and remind them of your business.
  • Taking Note of Customer’s Needs
    Even in this digital age some of your customers still use desk items and put pen to paper, so let them use your own personalised notebooks and pens as a gift for being one of your best customers. When they need a service such as yours, they won’t have far to look for .
  • Making Use of Business Excursions
    if you have staff that travel for your business, then you might want to use branded business luggage or vehicles. You could also use something like the travel luggage as a giveaway for customers who are frequent flyers - another way to spread your business’s message on the go.
There is so much more to branding than look and feel!
remember, this is about your company’s mission and message. It’s about how you want to be perceived and getting customers to be excited about your brand instead of one of your competitors. By having branding services with Purple Brush Digital Solutions Ontario, you will be getting expertise and guidance on your branding decisions at all times.
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