Data-backed content we create is the backbone of our strategical process. Our team works hard to create the best and most relevant strategy that leaves you satisfied.

Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is a business's overall game plan for reaching people and turning them into customers of the product or service that the business provides.
  • A Fresh Marketing Strategy
    If you’re looking to make a start on your marketing strategy, either by ways of ideas or to begin implementing plans, then our digital solutions company based in Woodstock can help you ensure that once those plans are executed, your business will inevitably rise to success. A basic understanding of marketing may have led you to this page today or you may be looking for new ideas on how to best market your business, ultimately you want new customers to your business and visitors to your website, so let’s get started!
  • It All Starts With A Plan
    Purple Brush Digital Solutions can start by creating a marketing plan that will lead to more profits for your business. After analysing your business, its competitors and considering your budget, we will discuss how we can increase your exposure throughout the online market and within your local area and prepare a way forward to make this happen.
  • The Importance of Direction
    You know your product or service inside out but without a marketing plan, you are wandering with perhaps lots of ideas yet no sense of direction or plan for those ideas to yield fruit. Firstly, we will look at your target market, those customers who essentially make up the bulk of your base. These are your bread and butter and always interested in what you have to offer. It is here that we will focus most of our attention to begin with, so that we can find out about their: education, gender, location, age, buying motivations, hobbies and so on. Then we will be able to look at places that are untapped by your competitors or are being used to their advantage, and also look at what their customers are saying about their services.
  • Manage, Market, Monetize
    We look at the opportunities for exposure and development, where we can implement ideas, what resources we will use and then take action to deliver results. Your marketing plan can include everything from blogging to social media marketing campaigns or advanced SEO strategies to far reaching email campaigns. The avenues we take will be dependent on how many new customers your business can/wants to take on (scale), whether you want to work locally or to a wider audience, looking at what has worked for you in the past but made need to be taken up to a new level and perhaps starting or putting more budget into paid campaigns for greater reach.
  • Investing In your Future
    The great thing about marketing is that it always works to bring conversions, you just need the right plan in place to make it happen which is exactly what our team does best. Starting on your marketing is better than not having started at all – the success of your business depends on it. If you fancy a coffee and a chat to discuss your plans for growth, we would be happy to complete a complimentary audit for you as food for thought and to show what can be achieved by utilizing our time, skills and experience.
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