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SEO is one of the first and still strongest types of digital marketing you’ll come across. PurpleBrush aims to get you higher up in the list when your customers do Google searches.
SEO, Search Engine Marketing & Search Analysis
You may have heard about SEO (search engine optimization) and wondered what it is or why it’s important to your business. It could be that you or your sales team have tried to do SEO for your business website but have come up against obstacles. Perhaps this type of marketing isn’t working for you in the way that you had hoped or indeed not working at all. At Purple Brush Digital Solutions we want to see your business grow, which is why we offer search engine ranking improvement services to you to help attract new customers to your business. Implementing a search engine campaign is just one of the many but important ways through which you can begin to gain more customers through search, making the internet work for you.

Where do you get started with SEO for your local business in Ontario, so that you can increase its visibility and presence? Search engine optimization, search engine marketing and analytics should all be a part of SEO your program. Firstly, the analytics should be the most important part. This is where we begin to look at your website, your customer demographics and how we can best optimise the website, then we will look to optimise your business for the search engines, directories, blogs and so forth. We will also pay attention to what your competitors are doing and where your business currently sits in search. This can be done via a discovery call/meeting with us or we can simply connect online and via email, whatever way is best for you. To round up, we will then look at any ongoing analysis, management and reporting which should be done to continue the growth of your presence online to ensure it’s longevity.

How will people find you through using SEO?
These are natural and organic results, leading potential customers to your page. When promoting your services and products online, you want to be at the top of searches for what people are looking for so this is why daily and consistent activity is key. Purple Brush Digital Solutions provide ongoing SEO solutions which include maintenance – we want you to stay on top and ahead of the game and keep getting those leads and customers coming through. To attract new customers, you absolutely must implement a search engine plan. Our ongoing programs ensure that your business is always one step ahead of your competitors online.

As a company that provides SEO services to businesses in Tillsonburg, Woodstock, Ontario, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver SEO services to local businesses that deliver results. We want you to gain email subscribers through your contact form and have the phone ringing off the hook! Of course, being page 1 of Google for example is more that just being above local competitors – this is about growing your business to the scale which you feel comfortable with and can handle as well as gaining you business outside of your local area, if this is something that you are looking to achieve. Your campaign will also produce valuable insight not just about your SEO program but where your business sits in the current, online market.

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