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4 Tips to Get Started with Twitter Marketing

While Twitter may be one of the one of the best and most popular places to grow your business, things do really move very fast on the platform. About 6000 Tweets are Tweeted every second (almost 500 million tweets daily!), the average lifespan of each Tweet being only 18 minutes. This makes it increasingly difficult for your posts to stick and make an impact, and there is a fair chance of being lost in the crowd.

That’s the reason why we are going to discuss some really efficient Twitter marketing tips, which would help you to add some substance to your Tweets and make them stand.

1. Choose the right handle, header image and profile picture.

For your brand to be easily recognisable and accessible, you might want to choose a Twitter handle which is simple and easy to remember. The name should be as close to your brand name as possible, and unnecessary punctuation marks, symbols etc. should be avoided.

Most reputed brands generally use their logo as the profile picture. Or if it’s a personal page, you should try to use a clean and professional head-shot, preferably smiling. The header image must also contain something that promotes your brand and is connected to it. It can also be used to include some important information or message that would like to convey.

2. Optimize your bio

The bio is a short space below the profile picture, to showcase the meaning and worth of your company. It allows only 160 characters, so try to be as catchy and precise as possible. In addition to being accurate, a bio should list the major achievements of the brand and should be aimed towards a particular audience that you would want to target. Also make sure to add relevant hashtags and tag other brands that your company may be associated with.

3. Optimize the number and timing of your tweets

The most number of hits on a Tweet is shortly after it’s posting. So you should tweet at peak hours as much as possible. These peak hours should be according to your target audience. For eg. If your target audience are businessmen, they would generally be more susceptible early in the mornings and late in the evenings. You should also keep in mind the time zone of your customers.
You should Tweet multiple times a day. The Tweets should be short and precise, and should often include multimedia content like pictures and videos apart from the general text.

4. Take the help of analytics tools

You always have the support of technology to help you through your venture. You can take the help of platforms like ‘Tweriod’, which analyses the hourly activity of your followers. Tweeting multiple times a day can become a tiring affair, so ‘Tweetdeck’ can be used. Owned by Twitter, this tool helps you to schedule your Tweets and also monitor your Twitter feed. ‘Ritetag’ analyses the hashtags which have attracted the most number of interactions. And tools like ‘Buffer’ can show you how many people clicked on the links associated with your Tweet.

Since Twitter is a fast-changing dynamic platform, your Twitter marketing efforts should be unique and efficient to effectively make you stand out from the thousands of Tweets that are being posted every second.


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