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Web Development

Web development services help your company to increase product knowledge, maintain communication between you and potential clients.
Website Development!
If you’re excited about a new idea for a development and are looking for a website development company in Woodstock, Ontario, then Purple Brush Digital Solutions will be glad to assist your business with your next project. Our team have experience in building websites which are based on different types of frameworks, they are used to working with APIs, creating iOS applications, SaaS (Software as a Service) and have the necessary languages you would expect of any developer. Due to the variety of skills, we can start your project from scratch, even if all you have are ideas on paper and a dream.

The first thing that we will do will be to start with some questions about the type of website you would like created, then look at a timeline of when and how we will realistically achieve these goals and which of our team will execute the tasks. If it is a significantly large project with lots of bells and whistles, then it will be best to have a meeting with you to discuss all the options for the website, what you want it to do and it’s future development needs.

Website development and app creation is an ever evolving science: programs, plugins, APIs, systems, software, processes...these are all changing daily, weekly and monthly and so our digital solutions team will always be honest and upfront about where your project is going and what we may need to implement next to keep your development fresh. We will look at different options that are available to complete your project, which will work with available platforms and are also inline with your business’s budget – PHP is also a great option if you are looking to minimize project cost. We will deliver a development project to you that is as cost-effective as per your remit, as we possibly can. Sometimes though, as the site develops and project needs change, we may need to re-assess budgets and usually this is to be expected in development.

Our website designers will be working closely with the development team to ensure that everything sits perfectly together. As with all development, there will be a testing phase where we will try to catch bugs and even try to break the code! This is all for the good of your site, trust us. If you are thinking of taking payments through the site, then having a payment gateway will be needed as will be looking at the security and potential hacking threats that could harm your website. Testing the code can sometimes take time and this may affect the project’s timeline but it is crucial that we thoroughly test your website before setting it live and starting to market it for you.

The best way, if you haven’t already done this, is to think about the kind of site that you want to develop: What do you want it to do? Where do you want to direct people once they are there? Will it be multi-lingual? Is it offering trading services? The UI/UX (user experience and design) element is also really important in directing customers to perform certain tasks whilst on the site and actually enjoy the experience – having new customers who enjoy your new website, are definitely worth having!
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