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Purple BrushBlog What is Amazon EC2 Hosting?
Amazon EC2

What is Amazon EC2 Hosting?

What is Amazon EC2 Hosting?

We will look at how you can setup a EC2 hosting account with Amazon, so that you can really get the most our of your website. So, why is Amazon storage and hosting useful? Well, it’s really great for hosting statics websites, storing information in the cloud, providing worldwide data centres and getting online help when you need it most.

There are a few ways to begin with this hosting, either via the AWS console, AWS command line tools or via your software development kit (SDK).

The Elastic, Fantastic Cloud

Amazon EC2 is otherwise known as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. This flexible and elastic web-scale service allow you to operate within multiple systems and software packages, yet still retain a reliable and secure service and be cost-effective.

Amazon EC2 hosting offers a variety of features and tricks that all of us web savvy people need, such as: elastic IP addresses, isolated cloud networks (useful if you want to run everything in a virtual private cloud), automatic scaling for maximising performance and minimising cost and most importantly AMIs – they provide preconfigured templates for your machine images, which is very useful for users of Linux and Microsoft…as is their free trial! Let’s look at that next.

How To Setup Amazon EC2 Hosting

Here are the steps to get started with a free trial of Amazon EC2.

  1. First, to get 12 months of free tier access visit their free trial page here:
  2. Then “Create Your Free Account” by entering your email address, name and a username of your choice
  3. The “Contact Information” section will then ask you to choose from “Professional” or “Personal” usage, we will choose professional in this instance.
  4. Click “Create Account and Continue”
  5. Enter your payment details – even though EC2 is a free service, you will have to add payment information to this next section. Enter the long number from your business Visa debit or credit card to validate the account. This is in case you go over the free tier usage which Amazon offers under its free plan.
  6. “Confirm Your Identity” by giving your cell phone number and filling in the captcha form.
  7. Click “Send SMS” – this will generate a code which will then take you to the next stage.
  8. It will then send you a text message giving you verification code to input in the pop-up asking you to verify.
  9. At this point, the pop-up on your screen should say, “Your identity has been successfully verified”. If it hasn’t, then you may need to provide an alternative phone number to verify the account or go to..
  10. “Select A Support Plan”, for we are just going to choose the “Free” plan, so click on that
  11. Now you should have confirmed your registration and can personalize your experience of using the service by choosing your role and interests. Click “Select Role” to enter your profession, then click “Select Area” to choose your area of interest, i.e. “content delivery”
    Click “Submit”
  12. From this page, you can access 10 minute tutorials on how to: launch a Linux Virtual Machine, Store Your Files in the Cloud, Launch a WordPress Website or Launch a Web Application. First though, you want to click on “Sign In To The Console”
  13. Now sign in to AWS:
    Use the “root sign-in” (signing in with your email and password) or enter your IAM which are your “Identity and Access Management” credentials
  14. Great! You’re now fully logged in to your “AWS Management Console”. From here you can begin to create new ways of working by… lauching your virtual machine with EC2, choosing an Amazon Machine Image and using the various developer tools and business software, ready at your disposal.

Using The Amazon EC2 Console

Once inside the console, you will be able to see why they have called it EC2 (“Ea-sy-To” use) because you and your developers have so many powerful tools and resources here, for free!

Here’s a list of just a few of the benefits to using the console:

AMI, Amazon Machine Images – your team know how handy it can be to have multiple instances running of your website project(s) but if they are working in different locations, things can become unpredictable. Now, they can access their own instance through the AWS EC2 cloud with greater security and peace of mind for you. Use AWS, the AWS market place or the community to get started
Amazon Elastic Inference – you may have heard that, the more the brain learns a certain task the more elasticity for learning that task becomes available to us, so we can do that task more with ease. This is much like the Amazon Elastic Interference, which uses deep learning via accelerators to give greater performance. AEI is available in 3 sizes, making it accessible to a wide range if inference models like computer vision and speech recognition

Monitoring Options – monitor the status of instances, schedule events and automate cloudwatch events so that everyone is aware of what is pending and running

Network & Security – you know that your client expects their site to be safe and secure but you also expect it from your company and your staff, so by using EC2 you will enjoy a great amount if features to make everything you do cost-effective and highly resourceful

Website Services on Amazon EC2 Hosting

Cloud-based services like Amazon EC2 offer a wealth of features, such as better security, automated and artificial intelligence based processes and plenty of tools to keep your developers entertained for hours. If you’re interested in having a website built using the Amazon EC2 hosting service, let us hear your ideas and we can get you started on your next project.

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